Looking to buy teak garden benches? Know these points well!

Teak furniture bench has been one of the trendiest options for garden furniture in recent times. With more and more people looking forth to including this category of wood in their furniture line, it is important that you check out certain factors that are imperative in teak furniture. When you go shopping for your garden furniture, you just need to keep these pointers in your mind. Once that is done, you will surely get the best set for your home!

Scroll down to check out the important points to remember!

Pointers to note before buying teak garden benches:

  1. Machine made/Handmade – which is a better option?

If you are willing to invest a little in teak furniture, it is best to go in for machine made furniture. Carved from specialized machines, these provide the perfect furniture sets for your little patio. Though hand-crafted might sound romantic, but if it is not taken from trained individuals, then you can lose out your money!

Teak furniture bench

  1. Know the grade of teak used

There are 3 types of teaks that can be deemed as best for getting quality furniture sets. Grade A is taken to be the best of the lot with curvy grain. Grade B comes in dull colors and is less oily than Grade A. Finally, Grade C has minimal protective oil content and huge variations in color.

You can choose your grade as per your demand and monetary budget.

  1. Design and quality

Starting from the glue to hardware to shape of the timber and designs, all these aspects have to be checked while getting the furniture sets. For a quality product, usage of PVA is a must! Along with it, correct usage of technology should be made for getting a quality product.

  1. Source of the teak wood

From India, Indonesia to the Philippines, teak can be sourced from various countries. But what needs to be seen is that it should be sourced from those plantations that follow the 20-year cycles. Best option remains: government controlled plantations.

  1. Moisture content of the teak

The amount of water that teak contains affects its performance to a great extent. If the moisture content in these teak woods is high, then chances of it being warped and splitting are comparatively higher.

Once you are done with these basic details, make sure that you get your teak garden bench from authentic suppliers who provide you perfect set against your money.