Common Pediatric Dentistry Treatments

Want to know about the common procedures or treatments that either a pediatric dentist mobile al or others pediatric dentists offers??Then, you were at the right place. Usually the pediatric dentistry focuses on the children’s oral health till they become teenagers. Apart from the general dentists, these pediatric dentists will undergo 2 to 3 more years of training and they are specialized in few procedures. Some of the common treatments that pediatric dentists do are as follows.

Pediatric Procedures

Dentist mobile al specialized in pediatric dentistry can treat any type of issue that is related to the children’s oral health. Some of the common treatments they handle include the following.

  1. Filling

Filling is one procedure that is used for restoring the structure of the teeth that is lost. Generally, this treatment requires the filling materials that are made of silver or amalgams fillings.Apart from this composite resin is also used some times.

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  1. Prophylaxis

It is a dental treatment that is designed for removing the calculus and plaque which prevents the tooth from decay. It is also called as dental cleaning.

  1. Pulpotomies

It is procedure used for removing the tooth nerve or pulp which is meant for prevention of the infection and to save the baby or primary teeth. Once the tooth undergoes this pulpotomy procedure, it generally needs dental restoration.

  1. Space Maintainer

If the tooth of the baby falls out because of the accident or due to decay, this treatment is used for preventing the future loss. When the teeth of the baby prematurely falls out, there is a chance that the teeth present in the surrounding open space will shift or move which can block growth of the permanent teeth.

Apart from the above the other procedures that pediatric dentists generally doincludethe extraction of teeth, caries, interceptive, radiographs and composite Resin etc.